The School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (SBES) has two x-ray imaging laboratories: the SBES Advanced Multi-scale CT (SAM-CT) Laboratory in the ICTAS Building at CRC and the X-ray Systems Laboratory in the Kelly Hall.  The SBES Advanced Multi-scale CT Lab houses four commercial CT imaging systems – an Xradia nano-CT scanner and an Xradia micro-CT scanner, a Scanco micro-CT scanner, and a MARS color micro-CT scanner.  The X-ray Systems Lab has two custom-built CT imaging systems – a DynaTom CNT micro-CT scanner, and a bench-top Xplorer micro-CT.  Together, they provide image resolution from 500µm down to 50nm, and sample size from 100µm up to 100mm, enabling biomedical discovery on a range of objects from a single cell to an adult rat.  SAMCT Poster1