Axiomatic Index for Teamwork

The number of publications and the number of co-authors become increasingly larger, and the competition for academic resources has intensified over the past years. To optimize the resource allocation, fair, sensitive and quick assessment of individual research productivity is highly desirable and being actively studied. However, the current indices, such as the number of papers, the number of citations, the h-factor and its variants have serious limitations. The primary shortcoming of these indices is their inability to quantify co-authors’ credits. Recently, we established an axiomatic system and derived the measure that is referred to as the a-index for quantification of co-authors’ credits. We believe that our methodology could play a significant role in the recruitment, promotion, funding and other evaluative processes. The a-index technology is patent-pending.  Click here for full presentation….

Current collaborators include Dr. Jiansheng Yang, Mr. Ivan Ye, and Dr. Michael Vannier.


In the NY Times best seller, “The Black Swan”, the author (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) defines a Black Swan as an event that has three characteristics: it is an outlier; it carries an extreme impact; it has retrospective predictability. He further makes a claim that our world is dominated by Black Swans. This seminar series will provide an environment in which engineers, scientists and humanists from different disciplines can come together to move beyond the predictable and incremental advances in the current technologies to the disruptive technologies of the future – a breeding ground for future Black Swans.

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