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Name Research Interests Links
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S. Ansar Ahmed Immunology Website
Arieal Anbar Astrobiology
Environmental Science
Josep Bassaganya-Riera Nutritional immunology
Gastrointestinal health
Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity
Justin Saul Biomaterials
Tissue Engineering
Project Page*
Steve Wang Project Page*
Chad Markert Project Page*
Joseph Freeman Development of new biomaterials for tissue engineering
Construction of novel, functional scaffolds for the repair of musculoskeletal tissues
Project Page*
Matthew Hulver
Ganqing Jiang
Jeryl Jones
Liwu Li
Timothy Lyons
Renee Prater
Thomas C. Register
Chris Reilly
Haiou Shen
Suzy V. Torti
Linbing Wang
Shuhai Xiao Precambrian Geobiology; Early Animal History; Proterozoic Algal Fossils;  Taphonomy Website
Project Page*
Wenxiang Cong