Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure

Our division has recently devoted significant time and resources to build an enterprise-level, collaborative Information Technology (IT) infrastructure with minimal cost/maintenance and high redundancy. To this end, we have deployed several, mostly open-source, solutions to fit these needs:


Alfresco serves as our primary Content Management System (CMS). We have approximately 8 TB of RAID 6 storage, with redundant off-site backup, running across a fully encrypted 128-bit SSL connection. Not only does this system allow full backup and management of our critical research data, it also serves as both an internal and external collaboration site.  We utilize Alfresco’s Share interface for such functions as: site management, document libraries, wikis, blogs, discussions, calendars, site/user dashboards and user management/permissions. Thus far, Alfresco’s functionality is proving vital to maintaining our external collaboration and enhancing internal management and operations. More detailed information on the Alfresco platform can be found in their wiki.


WordPress powers our external website and innovative publication library. We utilize all aspects of this exceedingly popular open-source software, such as content authoring/publishing, search engine optimization, user management, custom templates, RSS feeds, etc.  Beyond the basic functions, we have uniquely implemented WordPress’s blogging functionality to manage and display our division’s publication library. A particularly novel aspect is the use of journal index/keyterms as blog ‘tags’, thus allowing for such advanced manipulations as our homepage’s 3D keyword cloud. We are actively working to further customize this system to incorporate our axiomatic author contribution algorithms and software. More information about the WordPress platform can be found in their wiki.


ooVoo provides our video-conference services. As a truly global division, with collaborators across 4 continents, we require a professional, yet flexible and cost-effective solution. We have fully integrated ooVoo’s video conference rooms in our internal webpages, allowing users to join our video-conferences via a simple web browser interface. Our enterprise-level conferencing solution provides the ideal compliment to our other collaboration systems.