OpenRecon is an open-source software library for image reconstruction.

Capabilities of OpenRecon

  • Scan geometries: OpenRecon allows forward projection and reconstruction in the following modes:
    • Parallel-beam
    • Fan-beam (with equispaced detectors)
    • Support for fan-beam geometry (with detectors arranged in an arc) is being added, and will be completed in future releases.
  • Reconstruction algorithms: The following reconstruction algorithms are supported:
    • Analytic reconstruction (Filtered back-projection)
    • Iterative reconstruction (SART, SIRT, OS-SART)
  • Image filtering: The following image filtering techniques are supported (and are used as regularization steps within the iterative reconstruction process):
    • TV-minimization by gradient descent
    • Soft-threshold filtering
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Additionally, the projection angles can be spaced in any fashion (i.e. they do not have to be linearly spaced).
    • OpenRecon can handle the case of center shift (i.e. when the mid-line of the fan-beam is shifted from the center of rotation by a certain amount ) which is especially common in micro-CT and fixed source-detector configurations (e.g. in Xradia MicroXCT and Xradia NanoXCT scanners).

New to OpenRecon?

  1. Get the source code
  2. Install OpenRecon (instructions in reference manual)
  3. Run the demos
  4. Consult Reference Manual for further details

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Get the Source Code

Download OpenRecon source-code
Download OpenRecon source code (click download icon).

Click here for access using Mercurial code-versioning-system, and if you want to be part of OpenRecon development.

OpenRecon Reference Manual

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Programming Language

OpenRecon is implemented in C++ with MEX interfaces so that functions may be called directly from MATLAB.


OpenRecon at SourceForge


Kriti Sen Sharma, Xin Jin, Zhiqiang Chen, Liang Li, Hengyong Yu, Ge Wang

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