Joseph Freeman

Bone Tissue Scaffolding Scan
A scan of tissue scaffolding used in regeneration research.

Chad Markert

Mouse Limb Scan
This scan of a mouse limb shows the limb’s vascular components.

Justin Saul

Fibrin Scaffold
This scan of neural tissue scaffolding was performed to aid in neural regeneration research.

Eric Hoffman

Mouse Lungs
This mouse lung scan was done in collaboration with the University of Iowa to be used in lung cancer studies.

Shuhai Xaio

This parapandorina fossil is believed to be the oldest record of any life form.

Linbing Wang

Asphalt Scan
This asphalt scan was used in pavement deformation research.

Steve Wang

Mouse Limb Scan
This scan of a mouse limb was performed for Dr. Steve Wang in collaboration with Argonne National Labs.